New Free Ask Roland Service Replaces the Old Free Chat

Pastor Roland is now offering a new free ask a pastor by email service.
Pastor ended the old free chat service on March 1, 2015. Lately hardy anyone was  taking advantage of the service.

Pastor might start it up again, Lord willing, if people express an interest in it.

We are not taking prayer requests at this time. 

Pastor is taking a little break to recharge his batteries and pray about how he can best serve people. He will start taking prayer requests, Lord willing, later this spring or in the summer, God willing and if there is an interest.  

But you can still ask Pastor Roland a question by email!  

Pastor Roland has an exciting Talk to a Pastor Radio Show that airs in Palm Springs, CA and also in Pensacola Florida and Scranton PA.

Now you can ask Pastor Roland a question in connection with his radio program. Just listen to Talk to a Pastor Radio for all the details.  He might even answer your question on the air. Just listen in for all the details.

Here is the link to the Talk to a Pastor Radio Show